Friday, January 25, 2008

Calling All Bikers

All of the above are "approved" helmets, according to any state helmet law. Shouldn't you have the right to wear the helmet of your choice, or better yet, the choice being none at all?

New California ABATE State Director sends out a request for help. I would add to his addressed "To" ALL bikers, whether you belong to a group or not. Every little bit helps.

Download an image of this letter to print here. Please distribute at will.

To all State Motorcycle Rights Organizations and National Rights Groups:

As many of you now know, ABATE of California is closely monitoring an Appellate Court challenge to the validity of the enforcement of the mandatory helmet law here.

Our Board of Directors has voted in the majority to support this case fully. Furthermore, ABATE of California established the ABATE Judicial Fund in order to accept donations to assist in the legal costs of such litigation. ABATE made an initial contribution of $25,000.00 in establishing this fund. Our attorney is Wendy Lascher of Lascher & Lascher, Ventura, California. The administration of the funds is simple. Attorney submits an invoice for work done on the case, and we send payment.

This court case has four plaintiffs, Steve Barron, Steve Bianco, Pat Holmes and me, Don Blanscet.

No ownership of this case is claimed by any one organization or group, but instead belongs to the plaintiffs. Our opinion is the case belongs to every motorcyclist in California. Steve Barron and Pat Holmes are past presidents of their ABATE Locals, and I m the Executive Director of ABATE of California.

ABATE of California is officially asking that the various State Motorcycle Organizations help us win this important court case by donating to the ABATE Judicial Fund.

Furthermore, ABATE of California requests that the Motorcycle Riders Foundation and the American Motorcyclist Association support and encourage the SMRO's around the country to financially assist this court case by donating to the ABATE Judicial Fund.

Additional documentation and history of the litigation in California is available upon request.


Don Blanscet
State Director, ABATE of California

It is imperative that California succeed in this fight. The outcome will seriously affect the other 49 states, whether you live in one with a helmet law or not. Given the sad state of affairs with the Federally appointed NTSB, all American bikers cannot afford to do nothing with respect to California's fight against their helmet law.

If you value your rights as a motorcyclist, whether you wear a helmet or not, please contribute.

And if you need to ask why? Go here and find one reason among many.

Want to know more about California's helmet war? About true "civil disobedience"? About why those helmets above are all legal?

Read and learn:
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Ride long, ride free, let those who ride decide.

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