Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Links - Worthy Sites

I've got two new sites for you to check out, but first let me do a little whining ...

This past week has been simply HELL for me. Besides getting only 4 hours of sleep for the past five days in a row, keeping up with work deadlines, I also refuse to allow my personal life to get behind either. I am feverishly trying to get my house in order, after moving into it a month ago, in preparation for guests next week for the Florida Freedom Rally and Run-on-the-Capitol.

This morning, we had severe thunder and lightning storms, which knocked out my power. No biggie, you say? Well usually it is a no-biggie, but with temps up around 78 degrees at night, and the humidity level way up, no power is not a good thing. Not only am I unable to take a shower, but more importantly, I can't get my garage door open on my own without the garage door opener working. It is simply too heavy for me to lift. As a result I missed the ride I had planned for this weekend because my scooter is inside the garage. This problem is now at the top of my list to resolve, since "Florida Flicker & Light" is so unreliable.

But... I digress and all whining aside, perhaps it was an omen that I couldn't get the scooter out this morning, since it is now pouring rain again and the thunder-boomers are rolling through. I hope the power lasts long enough to finish this post before flickering out again.


Recently I received a reply to one of my blog postings from the editor of an online Motorcycle Magazine, located in my home state of Florida. I didn't respond right away, because, you see, I get contact messages all the time from other online sources, mostly asking for link exchanges. But this one intrigued me.

I checked out the site, and was fairly impressed with the content, but as always, there wasn't much in the way of postings on bikers rights, which is really at the top of my list for things related to motorcycles, besides riding of course. So I wrote her back telling her of my views.

Long story short, we ended up chatting on the phone and I liked what I heard from her. And when she asked me to do a guest column for her e-zine, I agreed. The first of which is the open-letter I wrote to her initially.

Check out I think you'll be surprised at the friendliness of this website, for both male and female riders. And since it is Florida based, you'll find a comprehensive and thorough list of events to choose from when you're making that difficult decision this weekend of which event to attend on your scoot (that is, if you can get the garage door open).

And you'll find my open-letter to her, right there on the front page. Look for the image of our revered flag. And while you're there, cruise through and look at everything. There's something for every biker here.


The other site is the brain-child of two bikers in North Texas, Jeff (Rummy) Rumminger and Phil (TJ Willy) Golden, who saw the need and got motivated. It is called Motorcycle Awareness Corps or M.A.C. for short.

They aren't a political organization, or a bikers rights group. They are all about Motorcycle Awareness, for everyone, and dedicated to making "Motorcycle Awareness" a household phrase.

Check it out and lend your support to them. I have no doubt whatsoever that this site will take off like wildfire. Do yourself a favor and be a part of it.

Thumbs up to Phil and Jeff for recognizing the need and not just talking about it, but doing something about it. See what this very worthy website is all about, post their link on your webpage, email them and encourage them, spread the word.

Ooops, the lights are flickering... time to save and post.

Ride safe, ride free.

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