Sunday, June 1, 2008

Top 100 Motorcycle Blogs: Motorcycle Treasures

I've recently discovered (much to my surprise) that Sam I Am is listed in the Top 100 Motorcycle Blogs on another blog, authored by Cristian Dorobantescu of Bucharest, Romania.

First, let me tell you that there is something for every motorcyclist in this list. I didn't highlight any of them here, because there are too many to list and Cristian already has them listed. Take the time and cruise through them.

Cristian has done some very cool interviews with other motorcycle blog authors as well, so don't stop at the blog list when you visit his site.

We all know that one website leads to another, and another from there. And in exploring Cristian's list of motorcycle blogs, I ran across some treasures you may not be aware of.

  • For the serious customizer, of any type of bike, you simply MUST look at this website. It'll make you drool and start up a savings account just to buy some of their customized artistry.
Chrome Fusion Custom Engraving
Chrome Fusion eBay Online Store
  • For very cool videos and slide shows of women riders, check out this site:
YouTube's Freak~N~Leather
I clicked on their main website, but it must be under construction as the Products page would not open for me. Keep trying. Judging from the videos I watched, it may be a nice resource for leather goods.
  • Here's a site I couldn't pass up, even though it's not a motorcycle blog:
NOT NEWS by Drew Curtis'
The reality of life often invokes the most laughter.

Then I came upon this motorcycle safety video.....

And this motorcycle awareness vid.....

Neither of which I'd seen before.

Lots more interested me, especially all the great ride stories and awesome photos. Happy surfing.


Shirley Vandever said...

Thanks for the links, and congrats for making 'the list' ! Egad, it will take ages to get through this stuff...

Nanny said...

Its really a huge
Biker's blog list and the information that you have provided to us is not forgetable and i would say Thanks to you Sam.