Monday, October 8, 2007

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

I was just sitting here wondering what to write in my next blog, when in comes a couple of emails.

The first is about our Pledge of Allegiance.

OK, I admit to being old enough to remember the Red Skelton Show. I was a little girl, and I'd beg to watch Red's show each week. I still hold Red as being one of America's comedians of distinction. You see, Red never used any bad words, or disparaged anyone. And each night when his show was over, he would say, "Good night and God bless". He instilled a love of God and a love of country early on in my life.

The following link is a narrative of the Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton. Listen and remember, and wonder, if you will, if Red could possible have predicted the future.

Red Skelton on the Pledge of Allegiance

The second email was about a man who heard of an injustice regarding this country's flag and refused to stand for it. This man, an American who loves his country, fought for his country, became enraged and did what any American should do.

Jim Broussard of Reno, NV just couldn't stand by when he heard a downtown bar was flying a Mexican flag above an American flag. Jim is an Army veteran, and one who paid a price for the freedom of all Americans. And Jim did what every American should not be afraid to do - stand up for what this country means to him.

OK, so what did Jim do? Jim jumped in his vehicle, drove down to the bar, and cut down the two flags, then walked away with the precious American flag, daring anyone to take it away from him.

See full story

See news video

Hear an interview with Jim

This report makes a very blaring statement: Americans are afraid to speak out in fear of being called a bigot. Jim is not a bigot, he is an American, and one who is proud of his country, as all Americans should be.

Our tax dollars are being used to supply Hispanic speaking teachers, Hispanic printed materials, and any other thing Hispanic groups wants. And if they don't get what they want, they cry discrimination. Simply because a number of the Hispanic immigrants in this country refuse to assimilate into our culture.

I am not a bigot. I don't care what race, religion, or "flavor of the week" you are. You move here, you become a citizen, you are American. Your heritage may be of some other nation. Your religious beliefs may be different than mine. Your holidays might be on different days. But this is The United States of America, not Mexico, not France, not Russia, not Canada. It's OK to be different, just don't ask me to be you.

I am proud of the legal immigrants of this country who assimilate into our society. I am proud of their accomplishments. In a small way, I can relate. I once moved from the west coast, where I'd lived 44 years of my life, and traveled 3300 miles to New England (which is darn near a country all by itself). I had no money and no job, and I was on my own (single and free). People asked me where I was from, since I didn't talk like them. Grocery stores didn't have the things I was used to, and driving laws were different too.

I survived, and I didn't take one hand-out from the government. Imagine that! Even more amazing is I didn't remarry and get some man to support me. (That's not to say I would have said no if some sugar daddy showed up on my doorstep, but sadly there aren't any that look like The Rock.)

Seriously though, I am delighted that I, as an American citizen, can offer a better life to those who come here seeking it. Here's what I owe you: the freedom that comes with being a legal American, same as I have; the freedom to earn a living and make your life better because of it, the freedom to worship any God you choose, the freedom from slavery, and the freedom of speech.

Don't ask me for any more than any other American deserves. I don't go to work every day for you, I work for me and mine. But I will fight for your freedom, same as mine. You're free to speak any language you want, in the privacy of your own home, and to others who understand you.

But, NO, I will not press 2 for English. When I get this "command" after the Spanish request to press 1 for Spanish, I hang up. I can find another merchant to do business with. If companies don't respect my right as an American to speak English, I don't need to give them any of my hard earned money.

I view this incident with Jim Broussard and the American flag with outrage too. How DARE anyone disgrace our American flag that way? Had it been a different nation's flag, I would still see it the same way. Could an American do such a thing in Mexico and not be crucified? What Jim did was true and right. He righted a wrong, and he didn't hurt anyone in the process.

I view Jim Broussard's actions in the same vein as the crew and passengers of Flight 93. Jim decided what he would do, and he just did it. "Let's roll!". I believe I would have done what Jim did too.

Hear me now immigrants of this country - French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or any other language but English, is not my language. I was born here. My parents and grandparents were born here. No, I will not learn Spanish, nor will I frequent a business where I am not understood. I will not tolerate the disrespect any longer.

And to all the Hispanic "watch-dog" politicians out there, who plan to make a big deal over this incident. Americans are watching. I personally will stand behind Jim Broussard with everything I have. Too bad this had to happen, as now Americans will look at this disrespect of OUR culture as a major affront. Americans have been far too tolerant, for far too long.

To all our American immigrants who are of Hispanic descent, and have embraced the American way of life, I salute you. Stand behind this issue as an American, stand with all Americans who came here looking for a better way of life. If not for that, there would be no America to come to.

Voice your concerns over others of your heritage who are making life more difficult for YOU, by their demands that Hispanics be given more consideration than anyone else in this country, by their blatant disrespect for the country that made them citizens.

Flying any other flag above an American flag is a federal offense. Where was local law enforcement, I ask you? According to this report, they didn't know what to do. Perhaps they were afraid of being called a bigot? Well, let me tell you, Reno PD, I am disgusted that you didn't have the cajones to stand up for our country's flag.

Jim Broussard did.

What would YOU do? I know what I would have done.

I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Isn't that what immigrants are asked to recite when becoming a citizen? Was this pledge not understood?

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