Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ron Paul Gets My Vote

As a biker, I am concerned about the growing discrimination by our nation's government toward those of us who ride. It's all "dressed up" in shiny words about how they want to save our lives by making us wear helmets, but refuse to address the most common cause of motorcycle deaths; distracted drivers and ROWV.

There have been letters sent, too numerous to count, yet they still ignore the facts and insist on pushing this mandate in spite of knowing their facts and figures are wrong. In spite of knowing they could work toward saving many, many more lives if they would leave off with their own personal agenda. But they won't. And the President won't do anything either. In fact HE appointed them to their posts.

So I am looking very seriously at the coming campaign for President, and I've thought about what I want as an individual from my government. And I've made my decision.

With all the hullabaloo going on with motorcycle rights, foreign policies and the war in the middle east, here's what I'm hearing on the election front:

Liberals: Spend more money, take more control. [Stupid little American tax payers don't know any better, so we'll make all their decisions for them.] Constitution be damned.

Republicans: War, war, war. Spend more money. Constitution be damned.

Libertarians: Govern by the Laws of the Constitution, by the people, for the people.
Hmmmm, now I wonder which of these might be what is good for our country, especially today with taxes eating us alive, too much government spending and squandering, too much government control of us, when it should be the other way around.

I've stated here before that I am a group of one, an individual, whose rights are dwindling with each new controlling law the government hands out. If I'm to be expected to hand over so much of my hard earned pay to support our government, then I want to feel like they work for me.

I believe in the Constitution and so does Ron Paul. His record speaks for itself. He says what he thinks and feels, and he does what he says. How unique is that? I like what Ron Paul says.

Ron's recent rebuttal on his foreign policy states that he is not an isolationist, but rather a non-interventionist. See the story

Read the comments of overwhelming support for this man who would be President. Again, I am encouraged that there is hope for the voting American people yet.

And, as a side note, I thought to myself, wow, a journalist who really does cover both sides by allowing the rebuttal, and then he burst my bubble by posting his arrogant nasty reply to all the comments.

"Ron Paul is the Dennis Kucinich of the GOP, he doesn't have a chance, he makes a good conscience for the front runners but he is not electable, I will be glad when fringe candidates like him leave the race so that we can get some substantive discussions between the ones who could be elected, all he is is a time consumer at debates., when he starts rambling I shut him off."
- Richard L. Fortin, Manchester
Interesting how he never makes a comment on what Ron Paul's policy positions are, but rather he criticizes Ron Paul as though he [Mr. Fortin] has a perpetual hair up where the sun don't shine. Are there any journalists out there who aren't part of the political puppetry? I am happy my daughter decided journalism wasn't for her. I would hate to lose respect for my own daughter.

The comments to Ron's rebuttal are encouraging. I found them to reflect my own thoughts after reading the story. One interesting comment though, gave me pause to stop and consider how this would affect our country's position on terrorism.

Would a non-interventionist foreign policy mean that we would not defend ourselves, or keep safeguards in place within our country as we have since 911? I don't think so. I don't get that from Ron Paul's words.

What I get is this, we are all different, unique. Each country has it's own way of governing its people. America is not to sit in judgement over whose government is right or wrong. (How much arrogance is that?) I don't believe that Ron Paul, if elected President, would tolerate crimes against humanity, but surely the form of a country's government would make no difference to him. Non-intervention means just that, no intervention.

Our ability and will to defend ourselves as a nation is strong, but politics should be left out of war as much as possible.

I have never believed it was our place to help overthrow a government so we could establish a democracy against the will of that's country's people. We must be diplomats not war-mongers, and stop using strong-arm tactics by blocking free trade. This is what Ron Paul supports.

How refreshing is that? Live and let live. We will still be a super-power to be reckoned with, but we don't have to arrogantly flaunt it in the faces of others.

Yes, there are a few things Ron Paul says that I don't agree with. But when the majority of what he says gives me hope that we can reclaim this country back from those in government who wield too much power, and get back to the basics of our Constitution, I am encouraged.

There is hope.

The media in this country will try to convince you that Ron Paul will hurt the election and hurt the GOP or divide votes. I say, pure and simple hogwash. The media is controlled by the liberalized government (see my blog on
Oct 2) and this is what they want you to believe.

This election is not a popularity contest. It's not whether to vote for Hillary because she's a woman candidate or not (God help us). It's not about getting a Democrat or a Republican elected. It's about electing the candidate who will work for the people. It's about who will listen to US. Not this group or that group, but all of us.

Our government is like a large family of children who have run amok for too long; spoiled rotten, willful, wasteful and deceitful. What it needs is a strong firm hand to bring them back into line. I believe Ron Paul can do that.

I believe Ron Paul can turn our government around, straighten out our federal [non-existent] reserve, assure me that my Social Security will still be there when I retire, and that of my children, and bring this country back to the prosperity we once had. And that's what I want too.

Ron Paul gets my vote. Who will you vote for?

Left: More spending, more control up front.

Right: More spending, more control by hidden agenda.

Libertarian: Less spending, less control, more freedom of choice, Honor our Constitution.
It's a no-brainer.

Support Ron Paul NOW, and get him elected. This country needs a fresh perspective, and a return to the rightful honoring and upholding of
United States Constitution.

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