Thursday, February 7, 2008

Boortz Blasts Hilary

I read Neal Boortz's news on occasion. He offends many, and has a wit as sharp as a tack. He doesn't always portray what my political views are, but when he gets down on Hilary, he wins my allegiance all over again. Especially with his latest nuze, sporting's list, and adding his own.

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1. She lost the delegate derby.

2. She essentially tied Obama in the popular vote.

3. She lost more states.

4. She lost the January cash war.

5. The calendar is her enemy.

(And Neal says:)
An accurate, but tame list. So naturally, being the wise-ass that I am, I have devised my own list.

1. She is supported by the uneducated, the poor, and the single women.
[Well, some - I'm single, but I can recognize an intelligent candidate, and Hilary ain't it.]

2. She holds the average American in complete and utter disdain.

3. She is dishonest and will do anything to gain power.

4. She cries to get people to vote for her.

5. She harbors a rapist.

6. She takes pride in a sham marriage.

7. She is fundamentally dishonest.

That list was way too easy. I've asked this question before, what reasons would anyone have to vote for Hillary Clinton ... other than "it's time for a woman to have a chance" or "she did a good job raising Chelsea, so she'd be a good Commander and Chief".

[If this is true, then I'm just as qualified to run for President....]

... oh, and there's one more: "She'll punish people who are more successful than I am by taking money from them and giving it to me."
[I already pay out more than 35% of my salary to fund the excessiveness of our government, and Hilary wants to take MORE????]

Here's my list:

1. What Neal said.

Then Neal goes on to say more, and I couldn't have written it better myself:

Hillary has to loan her own campaign money. That means that she is spending her own cash to get her own self elected president.

Should Hillary be worried? Well she has had to dip into her own pocket to fund her campaign. But in the end, she will win the nomination ... thanks to the unmarried women voters of this country. If their man won't provide them with security, then I guess government will have to do. Maybe these women can dip into their change purses and give Hillary her money back. She's sure willing to give them some money ... though it won't come out of her pockets. It will come out of ours.

Now ... upon more reflection ... is this perhaps just a fund-raising ploy? Let's see .. you loan your campaign $5
[Million] of your own money. Then you send an email to your supporters singing the blues over how you had to loan that money to your campaign. Suddenly you receive .. say .. about $15 million in donations from your worried followers. You pay the $5 million back to yourself ... and walk around with $10 million that wasn't there last week.
[$5 MILLION???? No wonder Hilary is so free with the earnings of Americans. And is so intent on winning the Presidency. I would be too if I managed to accrue $5 MILLION cash to loan my campaign. Perhaps Hilary should offer to fund that "free" Healthcare she wants to give everyone, including illegal aliens.]

Gotta love it.

[Interesting. Ron Paul didn't have to borrow money from himself, to campaign for President.]

Keep it coming Neal. Somehow, some way, this country needs to wake up. Before the loss of Liberty becomes irretrievable.

Neal's Nuze
$5 million cash infusion

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