Monday, February 4, 2008

Victim of Assault - Assaulted by Police

This video and story was posted on Big Bend Bikers For Freedom today. In hopes that more will see it, I've posted it here as well.

CANTON, OH -- Hope Steffey's night began with a call to police for help. It ended with her face down, completely naked and sobbing on a jail cell floor.

If you live in Stark County, Ohio, you'd better hope you don't have need of Police protection. Don't live there? It could happen in YOUR town. In fact, count on it.

Please watch the video below. It might make you angry, it might make you feel rage. And it should. How long will YOU allow public office in this country treat innocent citizens this way?

Upon searching, I found the second part video below.

Do you think a victim should be treated this way? How about a criminal? Voice your opinion of what happened to this woman.

The Story in the news.

Write to the
Stark County Sheriff Department and express your outrage.

Write to
Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland, and express your outrage.

Next time, this could be you, or me.

While President Bush sends more our sons and daughters overseas to fight for someone else's freedom, our own country is doing away with ours. What's wrong with this picture?

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