Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Enough is Enough

Tonight I left the house around 7:00 PM and rode southeast around the city to a small town where a new bike night was taking place. The traffic had thinned out enough, and I breezed through most of the traffic lights with no crowding. As I passed a small side street on my right, I saw a small sport bike and rider waiting to turn. I cruised by and nodded as I passed.

A large SUV up ahead of me was changing lanes over and over, and I was concentrating on staying far enough back to give him room to be the inconsiderate driver he was, when out of the blue, the small sport bike I had passed just a mile or so back, passed me at a high rate of speed, at least 65+ in a 45mph zone, on one wheel! Not only did he startle me, but he caused other cars to swerve when he passed them. He continued to travel on his wheelie for another quarter mile or so, before dropping down to scream around a corner and head off in another direction.

Why does this make me angry? Not only did he startle me, he alarmed others with his reckless riding. I know what I was thinking, and I'm sure all the cagers around me were thinking the same thing. I "voiced" my opinion with a one-finger salute, but it's doubtful he saw it. Is it any wonder that cagers dislike Bikers so much?

Now, I personally don't care if he wants to smear himself all over the pavement, but endangering my life and the lives of others driving in the immediate vicinity makes me want to throttle that little jerk. Had he fallen from his little stunt, at any time after passing me, I would have had to take evasive action. Other cagers may have swerved to avoid him and hit me.

I have nothing against any type of bike, including sport bikes. But the irresponsibility of this rider is inexcusable. Speeding is one thing, but speeding in town, in three lanes of traffic, and on a wheelie - are there no brains inside that helmet? How do we expect the public at large to take Bikers seriously and listen to our complaints about ROWV and the death of victimized riders when we they have to contend with this? How do I, as a Biker, explain away such actions?

Enough is enough. If you want to be an idiot on a motorcycle, do it somewhere that doesn't endanger others. Have a little respect, if not for yourself, then for me, and others like me, who want to ride for the enjoyment and who ride responsibly.

Today I'm a bad-ass biker bitch, and God help the little twerp I catch doing that again. Where's my duct tape....


KT Did said...

Hey Sam! I like your blog too. I love it when women can really get a life behind what they love... in this case, part of that love is riding! Link away... I will link you too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, thought I'd come in and say Hi. I like your blog, but most of all I like your attitude!!! Ya, I've seen the bikers do there wheelies down the freeways of L.A. California during mid day. They stood on the seats, sat side saddle and backwards on the seat too. I like you know there is a place and time when to perform your dreams. In Las vegas, they put these bikers on the race track on race day, or even rented time for them to fill there need for the extream... Seems to me a self distruction syndrome thing we somtimes go through that has taken over. But might not be to different from the times I used to scrape my pegs on my CB400 way back when on Hwy2 from La Canada to Palmdale and back in Calif...Reminds me when I made my own skate board from real skates, but now they sell the extream...oh well hell. I think I found that duct tape you left at the side of the door, not for you, but for me,,taped grin!!!!!

Garry Van Kirk
Bikers Accident Survivor Forum

Sam said...

Thanks Garry! Great minds think alike! Although I've "retired" from most of the extreme sports I've participated in, there is one thing I learned early on, there is a time and place for these things, and that's why I'm still alive today to remember them all. I LOVE extreme sports, and would never try to stifle someone else's desires to do so, but when it threatens my livelihood and my life, I WILL retaliate. (And by the way, at 11 years old, I also made the first skateboard on my block from a set of rollerskate wheels! - much to my parents' dismay!)