Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Women Bikers RULE!

I'd like to call your attention to KT Did's blog and website I found surfing last night, which are both listed in my links list to the right of this page.

Lots of GREAT information here, and an inspiration to all bikers, especially women bikers. And check out the extensive list she has on her blog page, for other women biker links! Woohoo! I'll have weeks of surfing to do now.

As a member of the
Tallahassee Chapter of the Chrome Divas, I am involved in quite a bit of charity work in our community. We are not the only women biker organizations who do this, as you'll see from KT Did's website.

Kudos to you, KT Did, for hosting your website and bringing attention to these efforts to the world at large. Until we meet face-to-face, I salute you, sister! Keep the rubber side down and the wind in your face.

Live to ride, ride to live.

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