Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kill a Biker, Go to Jail

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The ultimate goal for this petition is to STRENGTHEN the current punishments, not to create more laws!

To: U.S.Congress

Each and every day, distracted and inattentive drivers pull out in front of, follow too close or simply "mow over" motorcycles. Bikers are being injured and killed because of carelessness. Most of the time, the drivers receive a warning, simple citation, slap on the wrist or less.

If you pull a gun out and accidentally shoot someone, you most likely get tried for Involuntary Manslaughter.

If you hit someone on a bike and kill him or her, you get a ticket.

We would like for congress to pass legislation to strengthen punishments for drivers who kill.

Some states have tried to take action but it's time the federal government gets involved.

The statement "Kill a Biker, Go To Jail" is nothing new, but it must become a fact of life for drivers who carelessly murder bikers.

Most bikers ride in fear, knowing that if they get run over, the penalty is great for them, but not the careless driver that did them in!

If you support the right to live and ride, without the fear of some lowlife running you over and getting away with it, please sign this petition.


The Undersigned

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