Friday, September 14, 2007

Boycott To End? You Be The Judge

Recent events show that Denver's Alice 105.9 is willing to make amends. It does not, however, appear to be the public apology the Colorado Sport Bike Club wanted.

I am a bit skeptical that a public apology will for forthcoming, and believe that Alice is feeling the "pinch" from all the bad publicity and ordered our "friend" Howie to make a peace offering. For now, it appears that Alice is agreeable to promoting Motorcycle Safety on their morning show. Being agreeable to that however, does not admit any wrong-doing. Many of the club members are skeptical as well. We shall see what unfolds.

At this point, the motorcycle club is calling off their boycott (see previous post).

You can read the forum posts and announcement to end the boycott here.

Many thanks to all who helped get the word out. It is very likely that other states had this issue on the radar as well. It is reported that this topic made the airwaves as far away as Orlando.

If only we could unite as quickly and easily to squash the national push our government is aiming for; mandatory helmets for all states. No freedom, no choice. Whether you wear a helmet or not, it is your obligation as a motorcyclist to oppose this movement adamantly. Giving away our rights in any capacity will lead to the loss of more, until we are at the mercy of the government for permission to even own a motorcycle.

Live to ride, ride to live. Sam I am, fight I will.

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Shirley Vandever said...

I'm a little concerned about the lack of public apology. While I comment the gentleman on the forum who spoke with "Howie", let's face it. A "Howie"-type is meant to schmooze. That's his job.

It also disturbs me that it is said that it is not in the radio station's "policy" to issue public apologies.

Hogwash. If you or I messed up, we'd apologize, wouldn't we? Why can't a radio station be held to a reasonable person's standards?

However, I will respect the Sportsbike organization's cease of the boycott.

For now.

Until the next time.