Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

Labor Day has meant many things to me in my life. When I was very young and still living at home, Labor Day meant opening day of Dove Season, and a yearly hunting trip with my family. But mostly it's a long weekend, signifying the beginning of fall. That has mostly meant the beginning of the cold weather. Not so in Florida. Here it means the beginning of cooler days, the new school year, and most significantly for me, the beginning of 9 long months of great riding days. Woooohoooo!

This Labor Day dawned with sunny skies and lots of big white fluffy clouds. The weather was supposed to be 40% chance of rain and/or thunder storms, but it wasn't raining here, so the weather was moot. The plan was to ride west today and collect more pictures for Jeanne. Time to meet: 10:00 AM. This was the first holiday in a very long time when I did not either have to work, or choose to work.

After putting in a new battery last night, I was ready to ride again, and looking forward to it. Out to the garage I went this morning, backed out the bike, and viola! It started right up. Yea!! Off I went, across to the west and down canopy road for a cruise in the cool morning air. And it was lovely.

Arriving at the meeting spot, first thing I notice is the one person who is there has a flat front tire. Not good. She had gotten there just fine, but the tire went flat after she arrived. After inflating the tire with a can of flat fixer, she rode her little bike to a repair shop to leave it for tomorrow, and get a ride home.

Down to three of us now; Jeanne on her Dyna, me on my Dyna, and Carlena on her little Virago. I like to think of Carlena's Virago as a mini Dyna. Carlena is a tiny woman, and she fits as well on her small Virago, as my tall frame does on my bigger Wide Glide. I had to chuckle to myself, as cars went by the three of us riding together, with Carlena in the middle; Oh, look honey, a kid out for a cruise with her two older sisters! That little Virago had no problem keeping up with our Big Twins though.

We rode out Rt 90 and racked up about 200 miles today. I was a bit apprehensive about riding on Labor Day, since holiday drivers tend to be a bit preoccupied. However, traffic was light, and we didn't have any close calls or see one questionable driver that might cause us problems. How nice is that? And on a holiday weekend, no less. No rain to speak of either.

At one point, some guy had to pass all three of us and race off into the sunset, and as he passed us, something flew out of his pocket and shattered into bits on the pavement. We think it was a cell phone.

And oh Lord, the roadkill was everywhere. I have GOT to get a bandanna to wear over my nose ALL the time!

We had a nice lunch together, and then took off for home. I rolled into the driveway at dusk, and as I pulled in, I noticed that my garbage can was out at the street. I didn't put it out. I thought the garbage man was coming tomorrow because of the holiday, but as I left this morning, I saw them collecting. I wasn't about to turn around so I could put the garbage can out either, and kept going. Upon asking, none of my neighbors put it out either. Apparently, the garbage man came all the way down my 100 foot driveway and got it.

So, not only did I have a very relaxing and safe ride, but the garbage collectors decided to do a random act of kindness. It was a very good Labor Day indeed.

Home again, and preparing for another week in the grind. Until next weekend, ride safe, ride free.

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