Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Of Heroes and Legends

The cartoon above was published in a Santa Cruz, CA newspaper.

Richard "Quig" Quigley was a hero to many, and a legend to bikers everywhere. I didn't know him, but I've read countless testimonials of friendship, love, and admiration, all in the name of "Quig".

It is with a touch of sadness that I realize I will never have a chance to meet this enigma of a man. And I say that from my own perspective, having listened to audio recordings of him, and read of his 15 year battle with California courts over the motorcycle helmet laws in that state.

By all accounts, this man took on a mountain of opposition, one step at a time. Some were small steps, and some were greater, but he never slipped backward, and he never gave up. By the time he passed away on September 15, 2007, he was so near the top I'm sure he could see over to the other side.

He was a man who lived every day exactly true to his own self and his own beliefs. The world is a smaller place without him in it. I feel that - in spite of never knowing him. There is not a man or biker alive who can walk in his shoes.

The cartoon above is a wonderful and accurate depiction (in my limited opinion) of "Quig" and proves without a doubt that he left a mark on Santa Cruz, and on California, that won't ever be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Quig. You're truly riding free.

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